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Testosterone in Men

Of all the hormones in the human body there are few of greater importance than testosterone and when we look at the male species the total amount of testosterone in men becomes of an even greater importance. As the primary male hormone it is the testosterone in men that largely defines them; is it the most important hormone of all, maybe and maybe not, an argument can be made for either case but for the human male it is of vital importance.

Why is Testosterone in Men so Important?

As the primary male sex hormone testosterone is truly versatile in its functions as it serves a host and multitude of functions within the human body. The muscle mass and strength of the human male is largely determined by the amount of testosterone flowing through his body; his sexual desires and functionality are also dependent on the hormone but it does not end there. The amount of testosterone in men can greatly affect energy levels, mood and even mental capacity in-terms of concentration; as you can easily see this is a hormone of great importance.

Low Testosterone in Men

When the levels of testosterone in men fall they inevitably suffer, as the responsibilities of the hormone are not met within the body as the lacking of its presence cannot be made up by anything else. Men who suffer from low levels will most assuredly see their libido severely diminished and even when some desire occurs erectile dysfunction can be quite common. Further, as levels drop so will one see a loss in muscle tissue, increases in body-fat especially around the waist and if that weren’t bad enough it gets much, much worse. When the total testosterone in men drops below a suitable level a severe lack of energy and almost a state of apathy can really set in; as this occurs depression can become quite common and even the inability to focus on the simplest of tasks. As each and every problem is simply that, a problem, it can further lead to other problems of a physical nature when not properly dealt with; as you understand fat gain in the abdominal area is very detrimental to one’s health and in terms of mental function low levels of testosterone in men have been shown to lead to several cases of dementia. Although we may be beginning to sound repetitive there’s simply no way around it for it again gets much, much worse. Testosterone is essential for a proper functioning endocrine system and without our immune system falters greatly; men who suffer from low levels may indeed find themselves far more susceptible to even the most basic ailments.

The End Game

As you can see the total testosterone in men is very important; we did not discuss the advent of increased levels of testosterone in men for this should be a fairly obvious end; when testosterone is high we thrive. If you suffer from any symptoms or related symptoms discussed here you are strongly encouraged to seek out medical advice; failure to do so not only hampers your well-being but your overall physical health. Many men the world over suffer from low levels and remain completely unaware; it’s a shame because they do not have to live this way and now that you know you don’t have to either.