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Terrorism, low-life’s selling crack to kids; murderers, rapist and pedophiles all are massive problems but none of them holds the distinction as public enemy number one; that title belongs to anabolic steroids and increasingly natural steroids have begun to come under fire. No, do you disagree; how much time has the United States government spent on anabolic steroid hearings; how much money has been wasted in comparison to a host of other pressing issues? In truth, the statistics are mind blowing and this blatant disregard for sanity has even crossed into the realm of natural steroids. At the rate it’s going soon food will need to be placed on the banned substance list in the United States; after all, it is food that carries with it the highest anabolic steroidal effect than anything else on earth.

Understand foods such as red meat and eggs will increase the natural steroids found in your body; including natural steroids such as testosterone. Further, and more importantly, diets high in protein have been shown to increase the flow of natural steroids in the body and you bet those who rule have taken notice. The discussion of placing simple protein powder on the banned substance list has already made it into the halls of congress; if this continues eventually you’ll be arrested for being a human being and producing natural steroids simply because you’re alive. OK, fine, that will never happen but the insanity has just about gone this far.

Year after year countless supplements come out labeled as natural steroids or steroid alternatives. The idea behind these products is simple; create a legal and natural way to increase the production of natural steroids produced in your body. You may need to read that again; we’re talking about natural steroids, steroids you produce by the very nature of being human. Fortunately for many athletes research and development continues to provide new alternatives to increase the natural steroids you already produce. It seems to be a never-ending cycle of stupidity fighting innovation.

By the time you read this you can guarantee every last ounce of natural steroids you have in your body that even more supplements will have found their way to the banned list but you can bet those same natural steroids that new alternatives will be ready to hit the shelves. The reason is simple; performance is rewarded and physiques we can be proud of are desired. If that’s what it all boils down to then what’s the problem? Why are anabolic steroids outlawed in the United States and why on earth are supplements that increase the natural steroids in our body so often met with the same fate? The answer; well, the answer doesn’t make any sense; there has never been an answer given that any sane person can look at and say, “OK, that makes sense.” You’ve heard the horror stories but where’s the proof? Have you ever asked that question? If the horror is real shouldn’t there be proof to back the story? Of course there should be and there’s not; what, you don’t believe it, go look for yourself but don’t come crying back when you waste an enormous amount of time searching for something that isn’t there. While you’re doing your research please keep something in mind; you will read horrific tales and after you do make sure you find proof and truth in these stories.