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If you’re looking for a steroid encyclopedia at your local book store you’re going to be looking for a very long time; unfortunately there isn’t a book out there we can absolutely label a true steroid encyclopedia. There are many very valuable books available and pieced together you can very easily put in place a lot of the information you need and somewhat create a steroid encyclopedia of your own. Another very unfortunate truth is many do not have the patience to delve into several books; the age of doing your own research, doing your own homework seems to be long gone; have you seen “Jersey Shore” lately? Exactly, this is the society we now live in but for some of us, although a special few, knowledge we gain through the sweat of our own brow is still deemed valuable and irreplaceable. If you truly desire to create a steroid encyclopedia of knowledge for yourself there are several books you can purchase and a few websites you will find to be beyond valuable.

Piecing Together the Steroid Encyclopedia:

If knowledge is what you desire regarding anabolic steroids there is a short list of books we highly recommend.

  • Underground Steroid Handbook by Dan Duchaine
  • Anabolics by William Llewellyn
  • Legal Muscle: Anabolics in America by Rick Collins

(Both Duchaine and Llewellyn’s book has several volumes updated to fit the year at hand.)

Although there are some other quality anabolic steroids books available these are the three we most highly recommend.

Beyond these three books there is more to add if you truly wish to piece together a solid steroid encyclopedia of your own. The internet is full of quality information; it is also as you know full of more garbage and half-truths more so than anything else and trying to figure out where to begin can be a daunting task. If you are looking for a quality website with the largest vault of information there is really only one we can recommend and that is steroid.com. Steroid.com is by far the most in-depth website regarding the topic online and in many ways could be labeled an online steroid encyclopedia; much more so than the website that actually carries with it the name steroid encyclopedia. On steroid.com you’ll find a bevy of information including but not limited to:

  • Full Anabolic Steroid Profiles
  • Cycle Information
  • Stacking & Dosing Protocol
  • Detection Times
  • Half-Lives
  • Information on Steroid Abuse
  • Steroid History
  • Legal Steroid Alternatives
  • Legal Advice and Ramifications of Use
  • Training & Nutritional Advice

All of these things can be found on steroid.com and you can expect the information provided to be very accurate as well as much more information not listed above. With this website and the books provided above it would be very easy for the individual to create his own valuable anabolic steroid encyclopedia.

The Bottom Line:

Anabolic steroids in many ways can be a very confusing topic when we don’t take the time to research what it is we’re doing exactly. Fortunately the information you need is out there; unfortunately many will not take the time to find it; after all, “Jersey Shore” will be on in a few moments. Even so, there are those of you who still hunger for knowledge, not only regarding anabolic steroids but a host of other topics as well. Thankfully you still exist; although your numbers are few, because of you we will always have a few walking talking steroid encyclopedias.