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Go to any message board, hang around any gym and you’ll hear the horror stories; infections, a giant abscess, money spent on fake gear and a host of other problems and almost every time the finger of blame can be pointed at one thing; cheap steroids. “Cheap Steroids” if you’re an anabolic steroid user the phrase has a nice ring to it; it’s no secret, anabolic steroid use can cost you quite a bit of money, especially for the serious athlete. Even though cheap steroids have an appeal, the appeal being in the phrase itself “cheap steroids” ask yourself one simple question; “is it worth it?” Hopefully you have enough sense to know the answer is an emphatic “No” but unfortunately many of you will have to learn the hard way.

Cheap Steroids: The Scam:

You see them all over the internet and they pop-up almost every day; advertisements for cheap steroids from a new groundbreaking lab. A lab comes out of nowhere inevitably backed and endorsed by “supposed” steroid geniuses and they have cheap steroids galore. Let’s be clear, there are quality labs out there but they are few and far between; the days of a plethora of quality underground labs is long behind us but their allure of cheap steroids is alive and well and they claim the pocket books of many well intended athletes every single day.

The scam is simple but it can take many forms; most commonly is under-dosed and or dirty gear. You see the price “$30 for 10ml of Testosterone-Enanthate” and it’s hard not to jump all over this but keep in mind, the odds of this being legit are about as good as you hitting the Powerball. Another common scam is nothing more than simple theft; advertising cheap steroids, taking your money for a purchase and sending nothing at all. Although both scams are common receiving nothing versus dirty gear, well let’s hope you receive nothing if you’re stupid enough to be lured in by “Too Good to be True.”

The Side-Effects of Cheap Steroids:

It’s no secret, there are possible side-effects to anabolic steroid use; there is no way to get around this fact. The severity of the side-effects and the side-effects you will incur, this is impossible to say; the side-effects are possible, not guaranteed but the risk is there. To begin, brush up on what the side-effects can be; don’t take the word of someone else but do your own homework but understand this simple truth, when you purchase cheap steroids you’ve greatly increased this risk and added heavily to the list.

Do you recall the list of horror stories at the top of the page? If not, read them again and understand these horror stories are in general non-existent when good quality gear is used. Infections, you bet, even with quality gear they can occur but if you possess a functioning brain and have in your hand quality gear these infections will never exist. For crying out loud, use sanitary precautions.