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Mexican Steroids:

Quality Vet, Denkall, Tornel, Ttokkyo Labs, Brovel; if you’ve ever heard of these brands then you’re at least slightly familiar with Mexican steroids. (A note of interest, Denekal is actually an Australian company that imports and at times has been king of the mountain with QV as it pertains to Mexican steroids.) All of these brands at one time or another have been some of the most sought after not only in Mexico but especially in the United States. In many cases if we called Mexican steroids American steroids we wouldn’t be that far off; after all, it is the U.S. that has been this markets biggest customer. While the U.S. still may indeed be the biggest customer one thing is certain, the amount of customers has fallen and fallen fast and there are a host of reasons these once prominent brands have fallen so hard.

Early Mexican Steroids:

One of the biggest reasons there has been a decline in the market of Mexican steroids is that of quality. There was a time when buying gear across the border was as good as any gear you could get but this time is no more. With the giant market of customers in the U.S. greed and filth would creep in and more and more labs popped up contaminating the Mexican market to a point many experienced users could no longer recognize. With this influx of dirty labs many of the old quality labs would soon follow suit; perhaps in an effort to keep up, perhaps it was greed but either way since that time Mexican steroids have lost a lot of the respect they once had.


Largely thanks to the internet many anabolic steroid users have been able to educate themselves like never before. Granted, there is a host of bad information out there but for the first time in history there’s actually information in the first place for even the common man. With this education the understanding that Mexican steroids had become tainted was easy to spread. Further, many anabolic users would begin to realize the best gear was human grade gear which the Mexican labels are not.


From the 1970’s and much of the 90’s the availability of anabolic steroids was in-fact high but in many cases you were limited to what your gym dealer had and in many cases all he had was Mexican steroids. This was of course a time period when Mexican steroids were of much higher quality but as the quality declined so did the availability of the internet and its use. With the explosion of the internet soon after gear users found ways to purchase from a host of sources from around the world, who carried every brand on earth; even the top shelf human grade. While the Mexican market would survive this put it a dent in it like nothing else.

The Future of Mexican Steroids:

It’s impossible to say what the future holds for this market but a country that possess some of the most gear friendly laws around the world if they really wanted to do well you’d think they’d return to their practices of old. If this market remains in the declining state in-which its been for some time now it will only get worse. With the ability of gear users to buy from wherever they want and the ability to more aptly know whose got good gear and whose got junk the Mexican market is truly lagging behind. As of now though it seems to show no signs of caring and if that continues the days of quality Mexican gear are nothing more than a fairy tale.