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Go to any message board on the internet that deals in the discussion of anabolic steroids and you’ll find one very common theme. Many on such boards use pictures of steroids as their gold standard; it is by this means many determine if their products are real or nothing but vegetable oil and Flintstones vitamins in a bottle. The practice of comparing pictures of steroids can be useful and there is a place for it but to rely on it as heavily as many do, as their true and often only point of reference is not only reckless but irresponsible.

Real-Fake Pictures of Steroids

It is a very common practice, much more so than many realize and quite frankly more than they want to. As anabolic steroids are often purchased online many website based vendors have become true masters of deception. They understand many customers will examine pictures of steroids to see if they match up with what they are selling on their site and for many as long as it does the purchase is made. Herein lies the problem; the vendor places pictures of steroids on their site, the real pictures and once you order your product what you receive doesn’t match up. Sure, it’ll probably be pretty close and most will not notice the difference as they will not take the time to and the supplier knows this. Then you of course have the counterfeiters who actually do a perfect job and the only way you’ll ever really know is by taking the product and witnessing a zero return. Then again, you could actually take the time to thoroughly research the supplier out before hand; a practice often negated by the majority out of laziness and stupidity.

Pictures of Steroids – The Truth

Unfortunately and many and we do mean many will refuse to believe this but that does not change the reality. You can choose to believe the world is flat if you like but that does not make it so. At one point in time examining pictures of steroids was a very useful tool but that day has long since passed. Anabolic steroids are one of the highest demanded items the world over and the counterfeiters are absolutely everywhere. As the counterfeit market has grown so large so has its ability to perform its task with more fervor; you bet, the snake has gotten even bigger. Make no mistake, examining pictures of steroids can still be useful, there is a place in the line of defense but it is not the frontline and many would be far better served if they understood this. Think about it; you purchase a car, it is delivered to your house, before you start it you look at pictures of the car, it looks good and you buy it; but there’s no engine on the inside. The same can be said of anabolic steroids; you look at hundreds of pictures of steroids, you order some, they look good, the pics all line up but there’s no real gear on the inside or even worse, there’s gear but it’s absolutely filthy. Do you see how pictures can end up being very deceiving?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is very simple and it as always goes back to the same thing regarding any topic of anabolic steroids. Your personal education is paramount and it is something you will need to do on your own. There is no university class, there’s no Steroids 101, there’s no club you can join that is sponsored by your local chamber of commerce; you must learn how to self-educate. Then and only then will pictures of steroids be of any value to you; even so, most will ignore this and pictures of steroids will be all they ever use. In that case email me now; I’ve got a tube of toothpaste, I wrote “Steroids” on it with a magic marker; trust me, it’s real and I’d be glad to sell it to you.