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Testosterone Cypionate


Testosterone-Cypionate is one of the most popular forms of testosterone the world over and the most commonly used testosterone in hormone replacement therapy in the United States. A very powerful anabolic and androgenic hormone, Testosterone-Cypionate is equal in both regards and is one of the most efficient and effective hormones we can use for almost any purpose. To understand Testosterone-Cypionate we only need to understand the hormone testosterone and once we do we can understand how the various esters available, in this case Cypionate affect its mode of action.

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone is a hormone naturally produced by both men and women responsible for a host of functions; most notably muscle and bone growth, regeneration and male sexual characteristics. While men produce nearly ten times as much testosterone as women both require adequate amounts of this androgen class hormone in order to maintain a proper endocrine system. For those who suffer from low levels of testosterone, as Testosterone-Cypionate is a pure form of testosterone it is often used to combat this condition and return levels to a more suitable level. Those who suffer from low testosterone levels commonly find their libido to be reduced, fat gain and muscle loss to occur, as well as immune system deficiencies and even depression. As you can easily see testosterone is a very important hormone and with its many functions, when we increase levels beyond a normal range, as is the purposes in performance enhancing we effectively increase the attributes associated with this powerful anabolic androgenic steroid.

By its mode of action Testosterone Cypionate increases both nitrogen retention in the muscles as well a protein synthesis; increases red blood cell mass and blocks and reduces muscle wasting hormones such as cortisol. Further, by its ability to increase IGF 1 production in the body, Testosterone Cypionate becomes even more anabolic in effect when administered in a fashion that increases levels to a performance enhancing range.

As a testosterone based hormone attached to the Cypionate ester, Testosterone-Cypionate has a half-life of approximately 12 days. This is a fairly long half-life and is generally the longest half-life of any commonly used single ester form of testosterone. Because it has a long ester attached in the Cypionate form the effects of this steroid will last a very long time; for example, 200mg of Testosterone Cypionate will yield an active 100mg of testosterone even 12 days after the last injection; of course assuming one is administering the hormone more often than every 12 days the total amount will be much higher but vary depending on the total dose.

The Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate

The benefits of Testosterone-Cypionate are truly immense and provide every trait one would be after through the use of anabolic steroids. By its mode of action Testosterone-Cypionate has the ability to increase both strength and size to a large degree which is by-in-large the principle desire of any anabolic steroid user. Further, because increased lean tissue improves our metabolic rate and because Testosterone-Cypionate affects muscle wasting hormones in a positive manner body-fat is often reduced when the steroid is used.

You need to understand, using Testosterone-Cypionate will not automatically lead you to gaining massive amounts of muscle tissue on its own; if a large muscular physique is what you are after you have to feed it but by doing so in conjunction with testosterone therapy we increase the efficiency of the food we are eating which can lead to a more muscular physique. Further, in the same light yet in the opposite direction, those who are after a leaner physique find Testosterone-Cypionate to be a perfect choice as its mode of action aids in preserving lean muscle mass when on a calorie restricted diet. Plus, when dieting, the more muscle mass we can hold onto the greater our metabolic rate will be, the greater our fat-loss will be and the more pleasing our physique will be in the end.

The Side-Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

All medications, hormones and non-hormones, steroidal and non-steroidal alike carry with them the possibility of negative side-effects, even Aspirin and Testosterone-Cypionate makes no exception. However, when used by healthy adult men and when used responsibly many of these side effects can largely be avoided and the individual will only enjoy the positive benefits.

The most common side-effects brought on by Testosterone-Cypionate are of an estrogenic nature. Testosterone will convert to estrogen through the aromatase process and can bring about such negative effects such as Gynecomastia, water retention, blood pressure and cholesterol issues to name a few. Further, while we can largely prevent these side-effects from occurring there is one side-effect that is assured; testicular atrophy. When we administer Testosterone-Cypionate we are taking in a synthetic testosterone and by doing so our body no longer requires its own natural production. Since testosterone is produced in the testicles, once production comes to a halt the testicles shrink; however, once use is discontinued and production begins again they will return to their normal size.

There is a strong risk to reward ratio in play when using Testosterone Cypionate and generally all anabolic steroids; the more you use the greater the benefit but the more you use the greater the risks. While this is a reality, regardless of the amounts you use there are things we can do to avoid nasty side-effects brought on by the aromatase process. The use of an aromatase inhibitor (AI) will greatly reduce your chances of Gynecomastia and will greatly aid in unwanted water retention; further, as controlling estrogen in this manner will aid in keeping cholesterol and blood pressure stable it really doesn’t make any sense not to use an AI. However, even with an AI water retention will occur in those who eat more carbohydrates than they need; this is mentioned simply because many blame testosterone on their water retention when bulking when the truth is they are simply overeating. Further, through sound dieting principles, even when bulking, supplementing with fatty acids can largely control your cholesterol and is strongly advised if testosterone is going to be used.

Testosterone Cypionate & Testosterone Enanthate

Depending on the circles in-which you travel you will find individuals who swear one is better than the other but let’s be clear; Testosterone-Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate are for all intense purposes the same thing; they are identical. The only difference worth mentioning is in the half-life but as both extend well past a week, while it may be worth mentioning it is of an insignificant nature. The truth is simple; 100mg of Testosterone-Cypionate versus 100mg of Testosterone-Enanthate will yield the same results.

Testosterone Cypionate Cycles & Doses

Testosterone-Cypionate is truly a perfect steroid for any purpose; be it hormone replacement therapy (HRT), performance enhancing, bulking or cutting purposes it is a fine choice in all events. While 200mg every 7-10 days is common among HRT patients the dosing among performance enhancers will vary. 400mg-500mg per week split into two even doses is generally the rule of thumb for any beginner and quite commonly the max many will ever use or need. While we can safely use 1,000mg per week the risks will increase but such dosing is common in bodybuilding and power lifting circles and even beyond. An interesting note, while injections of 1-2 times per week is all that is needed, in recent years many competitive bodybuilders have begun injecting long ester based testosterones every other day, including Testosterone-Cypionate. The idea is to keep blood test levels at their peak max and while this would prove to be unnecessary on paper many bodybuilders report a more stable feeling by following this protocol; remember, what’s on paper does not always match up with real life.

As for your Testosterone-Cypionate cycle, most will find 8 weeks of use to be the bear minimum with 16 weeks being far more efficient. Regardless of your duration of use a solid post cycle therapy (PCT) plan must be in place. Because Testosterone-Cypionate is a long ester based testosterone you will necessarily begin PCT 3 weeks after your final injection, which may include hCG, Nolva and/or Clomid. Those who use hCG are advised to begin use approximately ten days before Nolva/Comid for approximately ten days of use.

Myth: Testosterone-Cypionate is stronger than Testosterone-Enanthate.
Truth: This is not only a myth but when you really stop and look it’s absolutely ridiculous. These two compounds are almost identical in every single way; milligram for milligram there is zero difference in-terms of power, potency, efficiency or effectiveness. The only significant difference between the two testosterone forms is in the half-life each carries but even then it’s really not significant in an applicable way at all. Testosterone-Enanthate carries a half-life of approximately 11 days while Testosterone-Cypionate carries a half-life of approximately 12 days. If you understand steroids even in the slightest then you understand this difference is for all intense purposes meaningless.

Myth: Testosterone-Cypionate will cause serious bloat and should not be used when cutting/dieting.
Truth: All testosterone forms can cause water retention, even Testosterone-Propionate, known by many to be a little easier regarding water. Testosterone, regardless of the form you use can convert to estrogen through aromatase and lead to estrogenic related side-effects, one of which is water retention. However, if we use a good aromatase inhibitor we can greatly alleviate this problem, although your individual sensitivity will vary from person to person. Here’s the kicker, all testosterones can lead to water retention; however, testosterone is the best steroid we can ever use for any cycle. The problem is most guys will use Testosterone-Cypionate when “bulking” eat more carbohydrates than they have any business eating, bloat and blame it on the Testosterone-Cypionate. Then when it’s time to diet they’ll use Testosterone-Propionate, eat far less carbohydrates, not bloat and start labeling these two testosterones inappropriately. Yes, you can absolutely use Testosterone-Cypionate while dieting and end up ripped to the bone, in-fact, if your diet is on point we guarantee this will happen.

Myth: A low dose of Testosterone-Cypionate will not produce any results.
Truth: Again, this is an outright lie; a mere 200mg of Testosterone-Cypionate every 7-10 days can be life changing and give a boost to a physique it could have never found without. The problem is most use garbage; they buy their Testosterone-Cypionate from underground labs that make their gear who knows where and nine times out of ten far below optimum potency and sanitary levels. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you take 200mg of Testosterone-Cypionate per week in human grade form you will fill it, you will see results and benefits. Can you take more? Absolutely, 400-750mg per week is very common place; in competitive bodybuilding we often get as high as 1,000mg or more per week. However, the higher the dose the greater the risk but the greater the risk the greater the reward; it is a tradeoff the same as most things in life.