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Go to any message board that remotely discusses anabolic steroids and on every one you’ll find a common theme of steroid pictures galore. Some guys like to celebrate their anabolic steroid use and share a picture of their supply with the world; probably not the smartest thing in the world but most of the time these steroid pictures are shared for one purpose; to check the legitimacy of a product and supplier. No one wants a subpar product and most of the time if a weak product is purchased the provider is generally weak as well if not an outright scammer. By sharing steroid pictures online often these scammers or weaker products are brought into the light and for this reason steroid pictures have become a very important facet of anabolic steroid message boards.

The Best Steroid Pictures:

The best steroid pictures are real steroid pictures; this goes without saying, this is what every guy wants to see when he is comparing his recent purchase but beyond this there is a benchmark so to speak and it is called ampules. Anabolic steroids that are sold in ampule form, although they are counterfeited they are done so far less often and the ones that are can often easily be spotted. Unfortunately a lot of people do not have access to ampules; they are far more common in Europe than in the United States but if you can find them you may indeed find your overall success to be far greater. If you find ampules you’ll also notice spotting fakes by comparing steroid pictures online to be even easier than compared to viles and this makes ampules the best pictures of all.

Steroid Pictures: Seals – Stamps – Logos:

Many anabolic steroid manufactures use specific stamps or seals on their products, particularly in the oral forms. By examining steroid pictures you can familiarize yourself with many of these and save yourself a lot of heartache down the line. As it pertains to ampules you’ll find things like logos often engrained right into the glass of a product, something counterfeiters will rarely do. Understand, these seals, stamps and logos can be faked, there is no 100% quality control measure but don’t be fooled, this 100% quality control doesn’t exist with Aspirin but the counterfeit market around anabolic steroids is very real and you need to be aware.