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For many people the idea of giving themselves an injection is not only unpleasant it’s nothing short of horrific. For many of these people they desire a performance enhancing boost but the needles, oh the needles; it’s a thought they simply cannot bear. Many of these same individuals will inevitably run away from the idea altogether but many more will find their way to oral anabolic steroids; but what about testosterone, what many consider to be the foundation of any good anabolic steroid cycle? Although the injectable version is impossible to beat and any veteran users will tell you, injecting is not a big deal but if you still have fear there is good news and it comes in the form of a steroid cream. A steroid cream is simply a transdermal applied anabolic steroid; meaning, you apply it directly to the skin; rub it on, rub it in and you’re done. Keep in mind, although a steroid cream will work it will not work as well as an injectable but nevertheless let’s discuss.

A Performance Enhancing Steroid Cream:

There are several different steroids that fall into the steroid cream family but for our purposes we are only concerned with performance enhancing and any steroid cream that falls into the anabolic category. In general and most commonly what we have is a steroid cream commonly known as testosterone gel. This steroid cream is commonly used in the treatment of low testosterone and is simply applied to the skin and absorbed by the body. Keep in mind, and this is very important, although this drug can provide a performance enhancing boost it will not provide the boost of injectable testosterone.

For most men who use a steroid cream comprised of testosterone the idea is to get their natural testosterone levels back to where they were many years ago. In essence this is a performance enhancing boost; think about it, you’re thirty or forty years old, you start using a steroid cream and now your testosterone levels are close or equal to where they were when you were twenty; not to shabby.

Side-Effects of a Steroid Cream:

What can be said of injectable testosterone can also be said of testosterone gel; the same general side-effects are a possibility. However, with a steroid cream there is an additional side-effect you should be aware of and that is inflammation or irritation of the skin at the applied area.

The Steroid Cream King:

By now unless you’ve been living in outer space you’re familiar with the BALCO scandal. The BALCO scandal as you know revolved around performance enhancing drugs, most notably anabolic steroids and quite infamously a steroid cream known as “The Clear.” This steroid cream in many ways was very similar to your basic testosterone gel received by many from their local physician in the treatment of low testosterone but it had a unique characteristic a typical steroid cream does not. “The Clear” was comprised of two key components, testosterone and epitestosterone; with the addition of the epitestosterone the individual could apply and administer this steroid cream and do so in a completely undetectable manner. Most athletic drug test take into consideration two key factors, testosterone levels and epitestosterone levels and by the guidelines of the IOC, anyone with a ratio 6:1 test:epi-test is considered to have failed the drug test. “The Clear” eliminated this problem allowing its users to raise their testosterone levels but to simultaneously raise their epitestosterone levels as well; love it or hate it no one can deny this is nothing short of pure genius.

Much like your run of the mill testosterone gel, this steroid cream will not provide a massive boost in performance, it will not provide a massive boost in strength or size but it will give an added edge in an undetectable manner. This product is however very hard to find and most will never see it; if you do run across it though you can expect to pay an exuberant price.