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Ask any random person about anabolic steroids and more than likely they’ll look as dumbfounded as any human can; they’ll spout off this or that little tale of horror they saw on Dateline NBC but that’s generally about it. The truth remains; anabolic steroids are widely used in the United States; recent estimates have it as high as 6 million users and to tell you the truth, this is the low end of the estimate. Of all the anabolic steroid users, among them there is a favorite of many and it is that of steroid pills. Steroid pills are very commonly used and readily available and they have been around almost as long as the dawning of the ages as it pertains to anabolic use. There are literally countless types of anabolic steroids and of these while most are of an injectable nature many anabolic steroids only come in tablet form; however, there are some anabolics that come both in pill and injectable form but the majority possess one form and one form only.

If there’s one fantastic trait we can say about almost all steroid pills it is in their ability to work rather quickly; some of the most common anabolic steroid tablets used can render an effect in a matter of days and really shine in a matter of only a couple weeks. You guessed it; some of these steroid pills are very powerful but as any responsible user will tell you they should not be what makes up the brunt of your anabolic use; view them as an addition, a supplement to your supplemental anabolic steroid use; this is proper form.

The Leader of the Pack:

While there are several types of steroid pills available it is the oral steroid Dianabol that carries with it the claim as not only the first oral steroid but one of the longest lasting in terms of popularity due to its incredible muscle building qualities. This little tablet has been around since the early 1960’s and was a favorite among athletes then as it is now. Granted, its use is far more “underground” due to the nature of this subject but you can bet your own supply of Dianabol that it is still among the most popular anabolics used today.

Along with its superb qualities regarding muscle enhancement is this orally ingested drugs ability to preserve muscle and increase strength. Yes, this anabolic can be used and used very successfully for both bulking and cutting purposes. If there is an oral steroid pill that is king of the mountain we would undoubtedly give Dianabol this title.

The Many Faces of Steroid Pills:

While Dianabol is king there are many other forms of steroid pills that rank high among popular use due to their positive effects. Anadrol, Anavar, and Winstrol are probably the most common forms but there are others that rank high in certain circles as well. Oral steroids such as Halotestin, while not common as a whole among anabolic users they can be found heavily quite often in bodybuilding and power lifting circles.

Steroid Pills & Side-Effects:

Understand this simple truth; anabolic steroids carry with them the potential for negative side-effects, there is no way around this. However, responsible use can largely eliminate many of these side-effects from occurring and this includes the use of steroid pills or injectable steroids. If you decide to make any of the various steroid pills part of your cycle, to do so responsibly you will need to keep the doses at a minimal base and keep the duration of their use far shorter than you would their injectable cousins.

It is true; anabolics of the oral type can be taxing on the liver yet at the same time the extent is quite often heavily exaggerated. While liver values will rise with the use of most steroid pills, in most cases they will return to normal levels soon after you discontinue use; we are assuming you are not taking massive doses for very long extended periods of time. The liver as you understand is a very important organ in the body and one must ensure they keep it in proper working function; if we use our oral steroids responsibly we can enjoy their benefits and keep our liver healthy. A little side-note for the regular drinkers; regular alcohol consumption is far more toxic to the liver than responsible oral steroid use. If anything that should give you some food for though.

Final Thoughts:

Oral anabolic steroid pills can be a great addition into any cycle but as with all anabolic steroids responsible use is the ultimate key when we regard not only our long term success but our long term health as well. For the male anabolic user they should generally only be an addition to an already well-founded and planned cycle; for the female anabolic user they can indeed be the basis of this foundation when certain anabolics are applied.

In the end it all boils down to educating yourself on how and what to use. Do not rely on what your friends tell you or some seemingly big guy at the gym but do your own homework, read and read some more. Further and as important as can be, always keep an eye on your health; consult with your doctor, make him aware of what you’re doing; in the end you’ll be glad you did.