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British Dragon Steroids

When we purchase anabolic steroids we typically have to options; to purchase from a pharmacy or to purchase on the black market. While pharmacy grade will always prove to be top quality there are some quality underground brands as well; some that have held enormous popularity. Of all the labels out there, pharmacy and non-pharmacy alike, there is one label that holds a place high on the list in any regard and it is that of British Dragon steroids. The enormous popularity of British Dragon steroids can be seen by taking a short visit to almost any message board; although the original company no longer exists they are still talked about daily and usually with enthusiasm. While we can’t say the original British Dragon steroids were the best of all time we can say for the most part they were a good underground lab. While they produced some quality anabolics the popularity and success that would ensue was largely due to their ability to get the word out, their ability to market their product and remain competitive with the rest of the field; often blowing the rest of the field out of the water.

British Dragon Steroids – The Success Story:

Founded in 1999, almost overnight this little lab turned into a multi-million dollar venture exploding on to the seen quite unlike any other brand in history. From 1999 to 2008 British Dragon steroids could be found on the supply list of a majority of suppliers and the internet sales shown proof of this. In many ways BD came around at the perfect time, right as the internet was first starting to really take off. The internet is where they owed much of their success; countless internet sources carried their line, countless source related message boards touted their product and any message board you’d fine that discussed the topic praised the BD brand. Were these steroids of the highest quality of all time; absolutely not but they were easily obtainable anabolics, normally clean and competitively priced. Couple this with a marketing scheme that actually understood its market and you had an almost unstoppable force.

The Storm:

On March 21, 2008, 100 DEA agents in Pattaya, Thailand arrested a British national by the name of Mr.Edwin Richard Crawley who was by their accounts the head of the British Dragon steroids operation. Many of you may remember this sting as it led to the arrest of many more, including the anabolic steroid legend Ashly Vincent Livingston, A.K.A. Redicat. While these were two high profile arrests in the anabolic world, the shutdown of the most successful lab in history, BD and the arrest of the inventor of paperbolics, Livingston, it is perhaps the aftermath of the storm that has brought even more trouble.

Life After British Dragon Steroids:

With the company no more the scavengers were out and on the prowl. A giant hole was left where BD once stood and many greedy scandalous individuals were eager to fill the spot. A host of labs would soon pop up out of nowhere claiming to still carry the famous British Dragon steroids and some would even claim to be the new British Dragon steroids lab.

Understand reality, there are no more British Dragon steroids; if you come across any they are either very old or you are being sold a lie, those are the only two options. You will inevitably find many labs claiming to be the old BD under a new name or even claiming to still manufacture the old line; they are lying to you as this line is only a memory from the past.

Explaining the New British Dragon:

There is one lab however, called, you guessed it, British Dragon that claims to be the same lab as before only restructured and they have strong credentials regarding their manufacturing and distribution. This new BD is actually a licensed pharmacy supplier to a number of countries but understand, they do not sell the original British Dragon steroids; that’s impossible since that company is dead in the water and has been buried for years. However, if their claims of quality are true, if their credentials are legitimate they will prove to produce a far better product than the old. Give it some time and we’ll have the answer but it will take time as these things often do.