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These are true stories with fictitious names, they were edited for language, spelling and excessive grammar errors (some were left in for authenticity).

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Against the Law

I wanted to look a bit better for the beach last year, so I researched anabolic steroids. I went online and found some place that offered to sell me steroids through the mail. I used a credit card and placed an order for some stuff that the site promised would help me lose some fat before the summer. I think it was about $500 worth of steroids.

When the steroids arrived, I had to sign for them with the delivery person. As soon as I signed for them, I took them inside, and the doorbell rang again. It was the police. They said that I had signed for an illegal drug and pointed to the package which was still in my hands.

Over the next few hours, they searched my house, my car, and my property. Eventually, they left, but they took the package with them. I think I was lucky because they didn’t find anything in my house, and they didn’t arrest me. But I never got to use the steroids I paid for, and lost $500 that I really could have used for something else.



I started taking steroids to enter a local women’s bodybuilding contest here in Canada. Everyone at my gym said I could place well, and my boyfriend was pretty into bodybuilding and was willing to coach me through it. He told me that all the girls were on steroids and that I should use them too. I trusted him at the time, and he said I wouldn’t have to use needles.

So I started my cycle and my diet, and everything looked like it was going great. I was starting to look sexy like the girls in the magazines. My muscles were growing and my fat was disappearing. But then I started getting a little larger in my private areas… I was also losing hair, and getting acne.

Eventually, the side effects were too much for me and I decided that I should just drop out of the competition. It wasn’t my boyfriend’s fault, but I was very angry with him at the time.

Looking back, I wish I would have just tried to do the contest without any steroids and didn’t care so much about what place I was going to come in.


Needle Nightmare

At my gym, steroids were easy to get. I figured that they were no big deal, so I tried a cycle during my sophomore year wrestling season in high school. I bought a bottle of testosterone and a syringe.

I only wanted to have one syringe in my house because a bottle and a syringe is pretty easy to hide, but ten syringes would be pretty difficult, because I still live with my parents. Everyone told me that I needed to use a different needle every time I injected but I thought I could just heat the needle up over a flame and it would be sterile. After a few weeks of shooting into my shoulder it started to get swollen and looked weird.

Then one day at wrestling practice, the place on my shoulder where I usually inject started to hurt and feel hot. My coach looked at it, and he thought it was badly infected, so we went to the hospital. When I was there, I had to tell the doctor how I got the infection, and my coach found out that I was using steroids, and he told my parents. I got suspended from school for a week and the wrestling team for the rest of the season and all the kids in my school found out too.



For me, taking steroids was a natural move. I was an athlete in high school and got a college scholarship to play football at a major university. Between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college I started my first cycle because I thought I needed to be faster. I took injectable testosterone and winstrol. I figured that winstrol must be good because it’s what Ben Johnson got busted using. I wanted to be fast like him.

I was getting stronger at every workout and feeling great. I had heard that steroids can make your joints weaker but I figured Ben Johnson didn’t have that problem, so it was probably just a rumor.

When the first day of training camp came up, my muscles were way too strong for my joints. I stopped using the steroids because I didn’t want to hide them in my dorm room. I went into camp feeling strong, but when the steroids were gone, my joints hurt and I couldn’t keep up with the workouts. Eventually I got injured and missed most of my first season. Steroids just aren’t worth the temporary boost.



I started taking steroids in my early 20’s to look better for girls. I was always kind of skinny, and thought that I could go on a small cycle and get a bit bigger, and be more attractive to women. I bought some pink pills from a guy at my gym. I think they were called “Diana-ball”. I thought that was great, because I was trying to meet more girls, and “Diana” is a girl’s name.

At first I gained a lot of weight and strength. I thought I was looking better, but I still wasn’t really meeting more girls. After a few weeks, I started noticing some hair falling out when I was in the shower. I didn’t think about it at the time. I never had a problem with hair loss before.

Before I knew it, my hairline started getting higher and the hair on the back of my head started getting thinner. I was going bald in my early 20’s! I stopped using the little pink pills, but it didn’t matter. The hair never really grew back, even after I stopped. I ended up losing hair and a lot of confidence when I was talking to women, all from using something that was supposed to help me meet more girls! I wish I never met “Diana”.


Mistakes in Afghanistan

I did my first cycle when I was deployed to Afghanistan. I had a few bottles of QV Testosterone Enanthate and some Clomid for PCT. I had no idea I was doing, but I randomly injected whenever I felt like it. I would inject 750mg/day for a few days and then a mission would come up so I wouldn't inject for a few weeks. I also only brought about fifteen 20 gauge needles with me so I was reusing each one 20 times or more. They no longer even had pointed tips so it was like sticking a Bic pen into my leg. I'm lucky I didn't get Gynocomastia, but I do have some pretty bad acne scarring all over my back and shoulders. Also I'm lucky I didn't damage my hormone levels too much since I was probably completely shut down for almost a year.

Timothy D.

Middle East Mistake

While I was deployed in Iraq one of my buddies bought some "steroid" pills from an Iraqi citizen. It was supposed to be Anavar. I told him not to trust them (we were at war for heaven’s sake) but he didn’t listen and bought them anyway. About 30 minutes after taking the very first pill he went to the gym to lift a little. Then he started tripping out. He ran out of there fearing that someone was after him with a gun. We had to subdue him because he was taking off his clothes and running around like a crazy man. We took him to the Navy doctors, and they said that he was given LSD. He got into a lot of trouble. He had to go to therapy for a couple of weeks, and no one looked at him the same afterwards, except the ones who really knew what happened!

Edward S.

Almost Died

I had an infection in my shoulder and upper-arm that looked like green, black and yellow ink under my skin. The site was rock hard, and I got the worst case of strep throat I have ever had. I used some Cephalexin from an aquarium supply to suck the puss out.

Even though I didn't do anything wrong during injection, sometimes stuff just happen, I guess I was unlucky. The dumbest thing I did was not going to a doctor. Although everything turned out all right, I could have lost my arm or worse, died simply because I was too paranoid to ask for help.

Val R.

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