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All you want is a little muscle, just an added edge or boost; pretty harmless really but the truth remains, the price you may pay for illegal steroids will generally outweigh any benefit you receive from their use. Even as this risk is often far more serious than most understand most understand part of the risk but six-million adult anabolic steroid users in the U.S. alone tells us most are willing to risk the use of illegal steroids.

Illegal Steroids: How it Began:

Through the 1980’s several reports made headline news regarding anabolic steroid use in sports; congress took notice and debated the issue for two years from 1988-1990. In 1990, with no support from the its own governing health and law enforcement agencies, congress passed the Steroid Control Act of 1990 effectively placing anabolic steroids on the controlled substance list as schedule III drugs. As it stands, drugs such as cocaine and heroin, as far as congress is concerned illegal steroids fall into a similar category. Since this time thousands have been arrested and charged with the possession of illegal steroids; thousands have faced an array of penalties and punishment and many of them if not most are for the most part law abiding citizens who simply used anabolic steroids as part of a training regimen or cosmetic enhancement.

The Crime of Possessing Illegal Steroids:

Under the Steroid Control Act mere possession of anabolic steroids is a felony offence that may include jail time for even a first time offender. Mere possession of illegal steroids alone can carry with it serious consequences including jail time, heavy fines, probation, drug screening not to mention the embarrassment of simply being arrested and having your name dragged through the mud. Granted, many first time offenders will not see the inside of a jail cell but be forewarned, although many do not it is not uncommon and almost just as many do find themselves locked behind bars.

A very important aspect of illegal steroids and possession is the fact the charge of intent to sell or distribute can easily be added to the charge. Even if the individual in question simply used anabolic steroids for his own personal gain the amounts he has on hand can be deemed of distribution levels and it takes very little to reach this level. Increasingly common is the dreaded “Friend” scenario where a personal user who is not an illegal steroids dealer sells a bottle or two to a friend just to help him out. This one little seemingly harmless trade in the eyes of the law makes you an anabolic steroid distributor. It sounds crazy and unlikely but reality tells a different story.

Common Means of Arrest:

Beyond the “friend” scenario listed above of course outright distribution of illegal steroids leads to the arrest of many, increasingly other means of trouble have found their way into anabolic steroid arrest. As the internet has exploded in popularity coupled with its ease of use and function, many individuals find themselves charged with the possession of illegal steroids on this basis. Controlled deliveries are not as uncommon as they once were; many people who order anabolic steroids online find their packages to be delivered by an undercover law enforcement officer and once the package is accepted the individual is arrested and charged on the spot and the few bottles of testosterone you ordered, perhaps only to aid in you looking better for the summer are replaced with handcuffs and a host of potential problems.

Final Notes:

There is no doubt about it, anabolic steroid use is tempting for any individual who finds himself in any capacity a member of the athletic world or who desires a more pleasing physique; why, because they work. Even so, the ramifications of illegal steroids far outweigh any benefit that may be gained. Is this law a justified one? On the whole it would appear to be misguided at best, especially when we examine much of the evidence provided regarding anabolic steroids; nevertheless, it is the law and if you break it, no matter how justified you may feel, the court will not take personal conviction as a means of defense and you’ll be deemed no differently than a crack head. It’s a sad reality, after all, most anabolic steroid users are generally good people, law abiding citizens, your neighbors and friends and it may be a sad reality but this does not change the truth.