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Horse steroids, anabolic steroids for a horse right; well sure but in truth no, not so much, in-fact we could just as easily call horse steroids cow steroids or better yet, athletic steroids. You see in the end it all boils down to who or what is using it; while certain anabolic drugs were first developed for horses, in many instances a use in humans would soon be found too. A prime example is that of Equipoise (EQ) in-fact, not only is this the best example but if there is an anabolic steroid that is best labeled a horse steroid it is that of EQ. EQ was first developed for equestrian treatment. An interesting note, not only was this anabolic hormone first synthesized for equestrian use the drug Boldenone- Undecylenate and the trade name Equipoise is shared by a champion race horse that carried the same name.

Horse Steroids – The Big 3:

There are three anabolic steroids commonly given the horse steroids name:

  • Stanozolol (Winstrol - Winny)
  • Boldenone-Undecylenate (Equipoise – EQ)
  • Finaplix (Trenbolone-Acetate – Tren)

While these three anabolic hormones are sometimes used in horses and although EQ was created for this purpose, all three are very commonly used in athletic performance as a means of supplemental enhancement. However, both EQ and Tren can only be found in Veterinarian Grade or made by underground labs; Winny is however found in all three common grades; Veterinarian, underground and the coveted Human Grade versions.

The Power of Horse Steroids:

While there are other anabolic steroids that may indeed fall into the horse camp the big three are the most prominent and further the three of great importance as it pertains to performance enhancement. Of the three it is without a doubt Trenbolone-Acetate that holds the distinction as the most powerful of all; in-fact, not only is it the most powerful of horse steroids it is one of if not the most powerful anabolic steroids of all in any category and a favorite of many athletes. Trenbolone-Acetate has almost limitless benefits, purposes and attributes including:

All-in-all, Trenbolone may indeed be the very best steroid of all time in-terms of pure function but it is also one of the harsher anabolic agents of all time. While many can use this hormone without ill-effects just as many cannot. The power of this hormone can be more than many can stand and the side-effects can prove to be too much even for the most hardcore of all. However, if it can be tolerated you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better.

While Tren proves to be the most powerful of the horse steroids the other two members of the big three are no slackers at all. While neither of the other two will provide a huge boost in size they can improve strength and athletic performance and both can be welcomed additions to any cycle where one is looking to lean out and harden up.

Quality Horse Steroids:

While all members of the big three can be found on the underground market only Winny will be found in human grade pharmaceutical fields. While human grade Winny will always be your best choice due to absolute assurance of quality, solid EQ and Tren can be harder to find. While both are available on the underground market the quality can be a role of the dice. However, Vet Grade EQ or Tren will prove to be very effective every time. To obtain horse steroids of the EQ and Tren nature you simply need to find a bottle of EQ; Tren will be a bit trickier. For Tren you will need to buy what is known as Fina-Pellets and convert them to usable Trenbolone-Acetate. Many choose to take this route but you really need to know what you’re doing, have a very sanitary procedure set in place and follow measures perfectly.

Horse Steroids are simply Steroids:

In the grand scheme of things, while some are commonly referred to as horse steroids they are really not any different from any other anabolic androgenic steroid compound. The functions, the properties and attributes are largely the same as any steroidal compound you can find. Moreover, the horse title many of these anabolics carry is merely a slang term somewhat inappropriately used. Even so, who cares; these steroids work and that’s all anyone really cares about.