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Testosterone for Women

In both the medical field and that of performance enhancing it is one of the most taboo topics of all; we’re speaking of course of testosterone for women and the taboo nature makes sense; after all, testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and it is also an anabolic androgenic steroid. While that is all true it does not mean it is a hormone to be feared, in-fact testosterone for women is of a great importance for without it, like men they greatly suffer.

While the most common reason to implement therapeutic testosterone for women revolves around low levels many women supplement with it for the purpose of performance enhancement or at least testosterone derivatives. When speaking of non-therapeutic testosterone for women we are of course speaking of high levels and when the levels get too high, while it may not be disastrous in the sense of low levels it can cause negative traits to appear.

Unfortunately when you’re trying to learn the truth when it comes to steroidal hormones it is often very difficult to find; as testosterone is vital it is still often only discussed in an emotional sense due to the family of hormones it belongs to. While there are many myths and outright lies regarding anabolic steroids in general, when we’re speaking of testosterone for women in both the performance enhancing and natural production sense there are quite a few lies too and often of a very ridiculous nature. Without testosterone women would not be women, they need the hormone just as a man does but this is largely misunderstood.

We have taken some of the most common myths and misconceptions regarding testosterone for women and left you with only the truth. We have taken these lies off of various message boards and websites that deal in such related discussion and hopefully provided you with at least a little food for thought. While you’ll find there will still be much more to learn hopefully you’ll find this to be a good starting point.

Myth: Testosterone for women is ridiculous; they only need estrogen and progesterone.
Truth: Both men and women naturally produce testosterone; however, men do naturally produce nearly ten times as much, assuming their own production is up to par. However, in both cases testosterone plays a vital role in sexual function; women who have low levels will experience massive crashes in libido. Those who suffer from decreased sex drive may indeed need to seek out therapeutic testosterone for women, especially when we consider the many other negative effects low levels can have, such as: loss of muscle tissue, depression, and fat gain, loss of strength, loss of energy, weakened immune system and even a lacking of concentration in some cases.

Myth: Women who go through menopause are best served by supplementing with progesterone.
Truth: In many cases the cure for menopause is testosterone, as menopause can cause declines of the hormone by as much as 80% and even greater in some cases. If this is a period of life in-which one stands testosterone for women becomes more vital than ever as it is in this period a woman’s internal self can be turned upside down.

Myth: Birth control does not affect testosterone, it only affects the ovaries.
Truth: Most all contraceptives destroy all hormonal productions of the testosterone, estrogen and progesterone class; no matter how special you believe you are it will occur. For this reason, women who use birth control are strongly urged to keep an eye on their total hormone levels and if levels fall therapeutic testosterone for women is often highly advised.