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You want to purchase Anavar, but you’ve discovered it is one of the most expensive anabolic steroids on any suppliers list. This is simply the reality of the situation; if you purchase Anavar you’re going to spend a lot of money, and if you’re a male performance enhancer you’re going to spend even more. Of course, men and women pay the same amount for an Anavar tab; men simply demand a lot more, and this can cause the total cost to go through the rood! As the total price is a normal concern, before you purchase Anavar there are some basic things you need to understand. For the female performance enhancer, we’ll discover this is an excellent steroid at any time, but for the male, the same cannot be said. Further, we must consider the status, as the status of this tiny pill can make an enormous difference, and determine if you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Purchase Anavar – Female

Anavar is the usual trade name most commonly associated with the DHT based anabolic steroid Oxandrolone. An extremely mild anabolic steroid with a less than average androgenic nature While men really won’t benefit from off-season Oxandrolone use, women can purchase Anavar for their off-season cycles and actually see tremendous progress. The reason is straightforward; women are far more sensitive to the hormone. For a strong off-season gain, without a doubt, for the female athlete Anavar is the top choice.

Of course, while this is a reasonable off-season growth agent for female performance athletes, without a doubt the best time to purchase Anavar for females is during the cutting period. To begin, the Oxandrolone hormone will significantly maintain strength and mass that are both commonly lost when hard dieting is at hand. This will allow you to push through your required training with vigor, and more importantly, hold onto the mass you’ve worked so hard to build. Further, performance use of the steroid will improve your metabolic efficiency, allowing you to burn fat at an enhanced and superior rate. Of course, where the hormone certainly shines, once lean enough, those who purchase Anavar will find their body is much harder and more defined, as the hormone significantly promotes this feature.

Purchase Anavar – Male

Men will find this steroidal compound to be utterly useless for off-season cycles. This hormone simply doesn’t carry strong traits linked to mass production in men. However, if you supplement with it during the off-season period, as it does not aromatize any gains made will be nothing but lean muscle mass. In any case, if you do decide to supplement with Oxandrolone during your off-season, understand, you’re going to need to purchase Anavar in bulk to receive any true benefit.

The best time to purchase Anavar is without a doubt when leaning out and cutting up. The same can be said regarding benefits as they pertained to women above, but there’s some seriously sad news as it pertains to male use. Men will require far more Oxandrolone than women, and as this steroid is so expensive on a per milligram basis, it will cost most men a considerable amount.


When we purchase Anavar, we are faced with a decision; Underground (UG) or Human Grade (HG).HG Anavar is produced by a legal and licensed pharmacy, whereas UG Anavar is manufactured by an unlicensed and illegal UG lab. Regardless, HG Anavar will always be more expensive than UG, and if you’re on a budget you’ll always want to purchase Anavar from a UG lab each and every time. Of course, even from a UG lab it still won’t be cheap, but it will cost far less than HG forms.

With this in mind, we must recognize there are countless UG labs on the market, and the vast majorities are not worth a single one of your hard earned dollars. Further, as the demand for Anavar is so high, this makes it one of the most commonly faked anabolic steroids of all time. What’s worse, if you fall prey to a counterfeit product, not only have you received a fake, but you’ve paid through the nose. It is extremely common for many UG labs to sell little Anavar tabs that are nothing more than sugar pills, but there is a far more common practice. Many labs will sell under-dosed products or worse, products that are labeled one thing when they’re something different altogether. The powder from which Oxandrolone derives is not cheap, and by this, many labs will use a cheaper steroidal powder and label it Anavar. You’ll purchase Anavar, so you think and actually receive a low dosed Dianabol pill.

Understand the truth, HG Anavar is often faked too, but there are some strong UG labs out there. What this means is we must find reputable and reliable sources. If you can do this, you can get some top shelf Oxandrolone, but know you’re going to spend an astronomical amount for it. Most women will only need 10mg per day, but most men will need 50mg-80mg per day, and as the going rate can range from $2 to $5 per 10mg tab it’s not too hard to see why this can become so expensive.