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It’s no secret; the Trenbolone hormone is one of the most powerful of all anabolic steroids and can be found in a few different forms. While there are three very distinct forms of the hormonal compound two are by-in-large the most common, Trenbolone-Enanthate and Trenbolone-Acetate. In either case you have the same active hormone in each but the initial mode of action, total duration and per milligram potency will vary between the two; in that are largely the distinguishable differences.

While Trenbolone in any form is one of the most potent and powerfully effective steroids we can ever use, as is common in the anabolic steroid world many myths and rumors revolve around it. While some may indeed hold some truth to them in part, many of them are beyond ridiculous when it’s all said and done. With that in mind we want to focus on Trenbolone-Enanthate and dispose some of the myths largely associated with it.

We have taken some of the most common misconceptions off of some of the most popular message boards that deal in the discussion of anabolic steroids and Trenbolone-Enanthate and left you with the truth. While you’ll find there will still be much more to learn hopefully here you’ll find a good starting point and erase some of the incorrect information you have in your mind.

Myth: Trenbolone-Enanthate is more powerful than its Acetate brother.
Truth: Go to any message board and you’ll find those who swear they receive a better return when using Trenbolone-Enanthate as opposed to the Acetate form. Let’s be clear, on a milligram for milligram basis Trenbolone-Acetate is more potent than Trenbolone-Enanthate. When the Enanthate ester is attached it takes up more mass in the compound than a smaller ester such as Acetate; however, many people when supplementing with Trenbolone-Enanthate will run a much higher milligram dosage than they do with the Acetate form. Most Tren-A, as the Acetate form is commonly known comes dosed at 50mg/ml to 100mg/ml while most Tren-E, as the Enanthate version is known comes dosed at 200mg/ml. Some of the most common Tren-A doses are 50mg-100mg every other day, giving the user an average dose of 200mg-400g per week. Conversely, as Trenbolone-Enanthate is dosed much higher per milliliter, common doses are often at the 400mg-600mg per week range; that’s quite a difference.

Myth: You can use Trenbolone-Enanthate without suppressing your natural testosterone by simply adding in a little Proviron and hCG.
Truth: This myth is not only ridiculous but somewhat surprising to find as it is in-fact so ridiculous and a complete defiance of basic anabolic steroidal principles. Make no mistake, Trenbolone-Enanthate will suppress your natural testosterone production and it will do so in a very harsh way; due to this fact testosterone supplementation is of the utmost importance when any form of Trenbolone is applied. However, some are afraid of testosterone due to its aromatizing effects, most notably Gynecomastia and water retention. As Trenbolone-Enanthate does not aromatize and some assume they can keep enough testosterone flowing with Proviron and hCG they will not add in the needed testosterone. First and foremost, while Trenbolone-Enanthate does not aromatize Gynecomastia can still occur due to its progesterone nature; while it is rare it is easily averted through the use of an aromatase inhibitor. Further, while testosterone does aromatize and can lead to Gynecomastia and water retention, it too can largely be avoided with an aromatase inhibitor and proper diet when considering bloat. Granted, it is true, one could keep an adequate amount of testosterone flowing in their system with hCG and a massive amount of Proviron if the Trenbolone dose was very low but even then it would prove to be a long shot and if you had your testosterone levels checked you’d still find the below optimal levels. Sorry, it doesn’t matter how special your mama told you, you are; Trenbolone will suppress your natural testosterone production greatly regardless of how truly amazingly smart you believe yourself to be.

Myth: You can’t use Trenbolone-Enanthate and Deca-Durabolin together because they compete for the same receptors.
Truth: This is perhaps the most common myth regarding Trenbolone-Enanthate and Deca-Durabolin also holds the same myth when conjoined with Equipoise and there too it proves to be false. To begin, yes, you can use Trenbolone-Enanthate and Deca-Durabolin in the same cycle both safely and effectively; your body is not going to reject one because the other is present; it simply doesn’t work that way and how or why so many believes it does is somewhat of a mystery. In-fact, cycles that includes both of these steroids as well as testosterone are some of the most common off-season cycles for many competitive bodybuilders. One of the most common 16 week cycles is Deca-Durabolin for the first 12 weeks, Trenbolone-Enanthate the last 8 weeks and testosterone throughout. Not only can this combination be used but it can be one of the most highly effective.