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Primoteston is a popular brand of Testosterone-Enanthate manufactured by Schering and as such is of human grade quality; the highest level of quality any anabolic steroid can be. Schering is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of anabolic steroids and by many is considered the premier anabolic steroid pharmaceutical line. While Schering absolutely manufactures non-steroidal medications their line of testosterone including Primoteston, Testoviron and Testoviron-Depot are often the most sought after and highly desired the world over.

If you understand anything about Testosterone then you understand it is not only one of the most well-tolerated anabolic androgenic steroids but also one of the most powerful and the very basis and foundation of most all quality anabolic steroid cycles. As powerful as testosterone is, when you couple its power and efficiency with a clean and pure form such as Schering’s Primoteston you have in-fact one of the best anabolic steroids you’ll ever buy.

Primoteston 101:

To understand Primoteston we simply need to understand Testosterone-Enanthate or more importantly simply the hormone testosterone, as all forms are derived and function by the same mode of action. Testosterone is a steroidal hormone produced by both men and women, although in far larger amounts in men, nearly ten times as much. Belonging to the androgen class, testosterone is equally androgenic as it is anabolic. Testosterone is responsible for many functions within the body revolving around muscle and bone as well as in sexual function and development. Testosterone is also one of the key components to an overall well-functioning endocrine system; when levels are too low several adverse effects can occur; this is often evident in men who are middle-aged as low testosterone is very common among them.

Primoteston is simply a synthetic version of the hormone we already produced but to fully understand it we must acknowledge the ester which is attached. Primoteston is a testosterone with the Enanthate ester attached; Enanthate is a long ester that can be attached to most any anabolic steroid, however, it is most commonly attached to the testosterone, Trenbolone, Drostanolone and Methenolone steroidal hormones. The ester attached does not structurally change the hormone, in this case testosterone; it merely affects the active duration as well as the initial mode of action in-terms of the speed in-which it displays. However, the larger the ester the more mass it takes up in the compound; for example, on a milligram for milligram basis a short ester based testosterone such as Testosterone-Propionate will yield more active testosterone per milligram than a long ester based such as Primoteston. However, while this is true, in the grand scheme it is of little concern and will not make a difference that is noticeable in the patient.

As a long ester based testosterone, Primoteston carries with it a half-life of approximately 10.5 days. Because this is such a long half-life reasonably you will only need to administer the hormone once every 7-10 days; however, for performance enhancing purposes in order to not only keep blood levels stable but at their peak twice weekly injections will prove to be necessary.

The Benefits of Primoteston:

As Primoteston is both highly anabolic and androgenic it will provide nearly every quality one could ever desire out of an anabolic steroid. Increased lean muscle mass, increases in strength and a leaner physique can all be readily obtained through Primoteston use. Further, because it is a testosterone based hormone increases in sex drive/libido are very common, which is a more than welcomed attribute in men who suffer from low testosterone.

Like all testosterones, Primoteston will largely increase nitrogen retention in the muscles, thereby greatly increasing protein synthesis; a key component in not only growth but in muscle tissue preservation and regeneration. As a testosterone Primoteston possess the ability to block and reduce muscle wasting hormones in the body that can lead to increases in stored body-fat making a leaner and tighter physique all the more possible to obtain.

The Side-Effects of Primoteston:

As with all testosterones Primoteston does carry with it possible negative side-effects largely revolving around estrogen conversion which can lead to the individual displaying and falling prey to some of the most commonly anabolic steroid associated side-effects. This estrogen conversion is caused by the aromatase enzyme and for this reason many testosterone users will supplement with an aromatase inhibitor to enable their bodies to block the estrogen from not only binding but reducing the amount in the body as well.

The most common side-effects that can come about due to testosterone use include Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) excess water retention/bloating, blood pressure and cholesterol issues as well as testicular atrophy. Through sound and responsible use each and every one of these can be avoided except for testicular atrophy which is assured but only temporary. Once Primoteston is administered the body no longer has a need to produce testosterone; once this need is gone the testicles shrink. However, once use is discontinued and the testicles are again stimulated to produce testosterone they will return to their normal size. As for the other effects, responsible use, a proper diet and the use of an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex or Letrozole will in most all cases prevent the individual from seeing one single negative effect.

Primoteston Brands:

Because Primoteston is such a popular brand of Testosterone-Enanthate the name Primoteston carries with it a lot of weight. For this reason many underground labs manufacture their own line of Testosterone-Enanthate and call it Primoteston or something similar in order to boost sales. Understand this simple truth, if it is not manufactured by Schering it is not Primoteston and the odds are if you come across a lab claiming it to be it is more than likely nothing short of garbage. While there are a few quality underground labs in existence the majority are nothing short of junk and just as many are scammers who are not concerned with your health, let alone your results.

Primoteston Cycles & Doses:

There is no steroid better suited for first time anabolic steroid use than testosterone and as Primoteston is a top shelf form you’d be hard pressed to do any better. While it is an excellent choice for a first cycle many will find it is the only steroid they ever need but as many enjoy stacking various forms more will often be used. As it pertains to stacking, testosterone will and should always be the foundation of almost any steroid stack when used by healthy adult men. While most women are advised to stay away from testosterone as it can cause virilization effects, some women can use it in very low doses safely but men will necessarily make it their primary tool from their first cycle and every one after.

Most will find 100mg-200mg every 7-10 days to be very common therapeutic doses in the treatment of low testosterone, however, for performance enhancing purposes 400mg-500mg per week is far more common place; especially for the beginner. Further, 500mg per week is often as much testosterone as anyone will ever desire to use or even need; however, larger doses can be used but understand as the dose goes up, while the benefits increase so do the risk of negative side-effects. 1,000mg per week is a fairly common dose among veteran steroid users with doses far surpassing this mark in many bodybuilding and power lifting circles.

Regardless of the dose you use most all will find 8 weeks of use to be the absolute minimum if results are to be obtained with 12-16 weeks being far more optimal. Short burst cycles of steroids such as Primoteston, although they may provide a boost the benefits will largely be lost with short use; further, as Primoteston is a long ester based steroid most will not notice any results until approximately the 4 week mark. However, extended use of 12-16 weeks, proper dosing, proper precautions and sound diet and training will give the individual results impossible without.