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Primobolan Depot

Primobolan Depot is one of the most sought after anabolic steroids on the market due to the mystique surrounding it stemming from the 1970’s bodybuilding population. However, it is also one of the most expensive and most counterfeited steroids of all time. As is with many hormones there are a host of myths and legends surrounding Primobolan Depot; while some of them may actually possess some truth in part, on the whole these myths and legends are nothing more than uneducated assumptions or a result of relying on “Bro Science.” While this is a problem it is not one that is without a solution. There is a lot of good information out there, the truth, the absolute truth is out there and we’ve provided you a way to get you on your feet so to speak and get the ball rolling. If you’re willing to educate yourself you’ll find this to be your greatest tool of all but in the meantime, to get you moving along in the right direction we’ve taken some of the biggest myths regarding Primobolan Depot off of some of the most popular steroid related message boards and left you with only the truth.

Myth: Primobolan Depot will not shut down your natural testosterone production.
Truth: Not only is this misguided it is perhaps the most ridiculous myth revolving around this hormone. Granted, it is true, Primobolan Depot will not have as harsh an effect on your HPTA as some other steroids but it will still shut you down. Primo has been shown to greatly reduce LH and FSH in a major way; two hormones that are essential for testosterone production. Many steroid users under the assumption that Primobolan Depot won’t shut them down often use this steroid as part of a bridge, thinking they are preserving their gains while simultaneously producing natural testosterone. We understand you’re a little extra special and better than most but no matter what your mama told you you’re not that special; even you will experience a testosterone shutdown.

Myth: Primobolan Depot makes your hair fall out.
Truth: Steroids in general can have a negative effect on our hairline, especially DHT steroids which Primobolan Depot is. However, it is not the steroid that makes your hair fall out, it was going to fall out anyway; you’ve simply sped the process up. However, this can often be combated with the use of Finasteride or similar products or you can simply avoid DHT based steroids altogether and stave off what is coming a little longer.

Myth: Primobolan Depot is a good addition to a bulking cycle.
Truth: While Primo can be used safely with any cycle it may be one of the worst steroids for bulking purposes regarding male steroid use. Although Primobolan Depot has a decent anabolic rating it is one of the few steroids where the rating is very misleading and this steroid is simply not apt for great gains in strength or size.

Myth: Primobolan Depot is a superior form of Masteron.
Truth: While both Maseron and Primo belong to the same class of anabolic steroids they are two very different steroids in many ways. To begin, the anabolic effect of Masteron is at a minimum five times as great as Primobolan Depot; if either of these steroids is superior to the other in-terms of potency and power it is Masterone hands down; how or why this little bit of misinformation ever got started is a mystery; they’re two distinct steroids.