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Anabolic steroids, if you use them then you already know they work and they work quite unlike anything else. While their power is truly amazing if you’ve used them for some time then you already know they are not substances of magical power; proper diet and training is and will always be paramount to any success. However, although they are not the miracle drugs they’re commonly purported to be some of them do possess almost miraculous traits and of those that do Dianabol/Dbol is right in the mix.

One of the first steroids ever synthetically made for human use, since its inception Dianabol/Dbol has remained one of the most popular and highly desired steroids on the market. With its ability to promote massive gains in size and strength it’s easy to see why this steroid is so desirable but much of this desire lies within the very fast nature in-which Dianabol/Dbol works and its effects are seen. Further and perhaps more important to many, while a fast-acting powerful steroid most users will find Dianabol/Dbol to be generally well-tolerated; however, we can’t say it’s the safest steroid of all. Most commonly found in an oral form this steroid does have a toxic effect on the liver and issues of high blood pressure may exist but when compared to many other very powerful steroids the advent of a negative reaction is far more unlikely with Dianabol/Dbol. As this steroid can be generally well-tolerated by most that does not mean it is side-effect free; possible side-effects do in-fact exist and as with all steroids you should proceed with caution.

As a very powerful bulking agent that will promote both strength and size most steroid users will find Dianabol/Dbol best used at the front end of a bulking cycle. Many refer to this point of use as a “kick start” as using it early on will bring benefits and gains very rapidly on the front end. However, although not as common, some will use Dianabol/Dbol later on in a cycle in order to break through a plateau. Most cycles will have a point where the gains dramatically slow or even halt; by adding in Dianabol/Dbol at this point we can often break through this plateau and see the gains continue.

While bulking cycles are the most common periods of Dianabol/Dbol use due to the primary functions of this steroid, some will find use even in a cutting cycle. Use of Dianabol/Dbol during a cutting cycle is more common with competitive bodybuilder’s than perhaps any other group of anabolic steroid users; while it is more common with bodybuilder’s we cannot say the majority practice this procedure. However, again at the front end of a cycle when dropping fat is the primary concern, many bodybuilders will use Dianabol/Dbol in order to maintain as much size and strength as they can.

Beyond this steroids power and generally well-tolerated nature there is another aspect you need to be aware of and many of you will find it to be the most important of all. Dianabol/Dbol is relatively cheap to make and normally one of the cheaper steroids we can purchase, however, for many years there has been a major problem revolving around this particular steroid and it goes in two directions. While making true legitimate Dianabol/Dbol is very cheap, even still many underground labs counterfeit the product and make a killing due to the high demand of this steroid. Further, again, because the raw powder from which it is formed is so cheap, many underground labs will use Dianabol/Dbol powder in all of their steroids and label them whatever they want. It is not uncommon to buy Winstrol or Anavar and in reality be getting a mislabeled Dianabol/Dbol tablet; but because gains will be seen many will not question this reality. If you have some experience with steroids under your belt and understand how they are supposed to work you will normally be able to spot these problems. However, for the newbie this can be very difficult since no point of reference exists.