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As any veteran to the anabolic steroid world will tell you, aromatase inhibitors (AI) are a very important part of the game; at least any veterans who have any sense. With several AI’s from which to choose most commonly Arimidex and Letrozole are the most commonly used with Aromasin being close to as common and in recent years rising in popularity. As an AI Aromasin carries with it the suicidal inhibitor label as it will act in a more permanent manner; however, its mode of action is for all intense purposes the same as the more commonly used AI’s.

Aromasin 101

Exemestane was first developed by AstraZeneca under the trade name Aromasin in an effort to combat breast cancer in postmenopausal women by reducing the levels of estrogen in the body. By its nature Aromasin prevents the estrogen conversion process from taking place, thereby keeping it from binding in an active manner which can be problematic for a breast cancer patient as well as an anabolic steroid user. It’s no secret, many anabolic androgenic steroids aromatize and by this process convert to estrogen and it is the aromatase effect that can lead to many of the commonly associated anabolic androgenic steroid side-effects. Many of the side-effects brought on by anabolic steroid use are avoidable and often avoidable by the use of an AI such as Aromasin. The most common side-effects caused by the aromatase process include but are not limited to:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Water Retention/Bloat
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol Issues

It is imperative that all anabolic androgenic steroid users use responsibly and often this responsibility includes the use of a good AI and as Aromasin will actively reduce estrogen by as much as 85% it is a fine choice to meet this end.

Aromasin & Natural Hormones

As an AI Aromasin has one primary purpose, inhibiting the estrogen conversion process but by its nature it holds two secondary traits revolving around testosterone and IGF 1; increasing the natural production of both hormones. This is important to the steroid user for one reason; both testosterone and IGF 1 are two powerful anabolic hormones and as you understand testosterone is the most important anabolic hormone of all. By this evident testosterone fact it is easy to see how Aromasin can have another useful purpose beyond on cycle application and be successfully used during the post cycle therapy (PCT) plan.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is simple; Aromasin is a powerful AI that can in most individuals eliminate common anabolic steroidal side-effects. While it will prevent such effects, most notably Gynecomastia those who are very sensitive will find only the AI Letrozole to be efficient as it is the most powerful AI of the common three found in the arsenal of the anabolic steroid user. Further, as a quality PCT med although it will serve the purpose most will find Nolvadex and Clomid along with hCG to be more appropriately based PCT meds as some estrogen is necessary for not only overall health but it is important to normalize during this period as well.